Total Power Control

Total Power Control 1.0

This is a really cute application with a lot of nice features for everyday use
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Acritum Total Power Control – TPC puts at your fingertips a well laid out, easy to use tool that will help you get your work done quickly and easily. No more crawling around and clicking through layered menus. TPC Provides functions Microsoft left out. Due to intelligent design and layout, both novices and power users will be totally comfortable using TPC.
This is a really cute application that has a lot of nice features for everyday use. The tool was designed mainly to easily control all power operations such as shutdown, restart, turn screen off, change power plans. You can do it manually or using classic timer, CPU idle timer, remote access from Internet or local network. All power tasks can also be executed from command line. There are also some valuable additions such as screenshot manager, hotkey manager, battery level meter for notebooks, etc.

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